Binaural Beats | Brainwave Entrainment | Deep Relaxation | The Bridge To The Subconscious
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Sounds can bring bridges and houses crashing down, but they can also heal body and spirit. In fact, they have such a strong effect on the mind that they can transform your inner state. The right tones can help you: • reduce stress; • achieve deep relaxation; and • have exceptional trance experiences. They will help liberate you from the daily stresses that have been proven to be responsible for 85–90% of all illnesses. • Do you want to relieve stress effectively and find some respite from the stresses of daily life? • Do you want to experience deep meditation without having to practice for years? • Do you want to experience the kind of trance-like states of consciousness normally only achieved by Zen masters? But do you feel … • ground down by the stress of everyday life, stress that only seems to grow from year to year? • that you are losing your connection to your true self? • imprisoned by your addictions and unable to assert control over your happiness and success? • that your illnesses are holding you back and keeping you from feeling free? • that it is getting harder and harder to concentrate because your worries and fears have taken over? If you answered ”yes” to any of the questions above, then you are probably suffering from chronic stress. This is hardly surprising, given that 75% of all doctor's visits can be traced back to this cause. But there is a simple strategy that is 100% effective. You can have the highest possible human experience whenever you want: profound relaxation, deep contemplation, inner peace. This in turn can activate your self-healing powers, release inner peace and happiness, transform your outlook, and liberate you from your worries and fears. Now it's easier than ever to achieve this state of consciousness. With this premium audiobook: •you will feel deeply relaxed within just 10 minutes; •you will enter a restorative half-sleep within 20 minutes; •and with a little practice, within 40 minutes you will have the mystical trance experience otherwise only achieved by Zen masters. All of this is possible thanks to innovative 8D audio processing technology, which enables you to meditate with just the press of a button. We use special frequencies that automatically put your brain into a state of deep relaxation. Known as ”brainwave entrainment”, this technology is based on an extremely simple principle. Multiple neurological studies have shown that listening to certain frequencies makes us more content and relaxed; this is known as ”audio resonance.” Brain entrainment can relieve stress and improve mood. Sound can transform our bodies and the way we think. The effect is sometimes described as ”a gentle massage for the brain,” as it feels as if your head is being softly stroked from within. This program leads you step by step to this state. Within the first five minutes, revolutionary 8D technology will generate dissociations that slow down your thoughts. The extremely spatial sound you hear through your ordinary headphones will make you feel as if you are at a live concert, and your body and mind will begin to relax. This in turn will help you build up energy and let go of the day while at the same time becoming clearer and more conscious with each passing minute. The more often you use one of the applications, the more intense the experience will become. This is all completely safe and has been tried and tested millions of times. The applications, which are between 20 and 90 minutes long, are easy to use, even for complete beginners. Simply find a quiet place, choose a program (with or without a voiceover), put on your headphones, and breathe in and out gently and slowly. You will enter a relaxed yet focused state in no time.
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