Hay Bales and Hollyhocks
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The Cambridge Fens, 1938.
Little Rosanna is part of a close-knit Fenland family and the youngest of three cousins. In a time of childhood abandon and adventures on the water, life couldn't be more perfect.
But things are not always as they seem. When Rosanna's new baby brother is born, tragedy strikes the family. And, with the outbreak of World War Two just around the corner, and a move to the Norfolk countryside, Rosanna's life is changed forever. And, as she and the family grow together, she realises that to find happiness, we sometimes have to break away from the things we know.
For fans of Katie Flynn and Sheila Jeffries, Hay Bales and Hollyhocks is a heart-warming novel from the Queen of family saga, Sheila Newberry.
'Gloriously nostalgic . . . a perfect example of her talent' Maureen Lee, bestselling author of The Seven Streets of Liverpool
'Like having dinner with your mother in her warm and cosy kitchen.' Diane Allen, bestselling author of For the Sake of Her Family
Previously published as Our Cousin Rosanna.
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