Book cover for Henna Björk: The Red Team

Henna Björk: The Red Team

Description of book

D is for Data. And Death.

Christian Rönnbacka is one of the best-selling crime novelists in Finland. In this thriller his protagonist Henna Björk, a young but hard-boiled agent, hunts down criminals who operate on the dark web for nefarious purposes – including murder.

Having grown restless during her training for the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service, Henna Björk is thrilled to finally be out in the field. She soon realises, however, that the assignment was merely a test to see if she’s ready to be thrown into the world of hackers and cybercrime.

A list of people appears on the dark web, including one name critical to Finland’s national security. Private information on high-profile people is being sold at a high price. Henna and her hacker partner hunt down the criminals who operate on the dark side of the internet and leave no trace except a list of names written in blood.

In the third installment of Christian Rönnbacka’s Henna Björk series of crime novels personal information is an expensive commodity – and used to turn opponents into corpses.

Christian Rönnbacka is an author and adventurer with a law enforcement background. Known for his Hautalehto and Henna Björk series, Rönnbacka has been named Finnish crime novelist of the year multiple times by the audiobook service BookBeat. Rönnbacka is also a partner in a distillery.