Lone Wolf Detective October 1940
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Published by Ace Magazines and edited by A.A. Wyn. Ace Magazines would later go on to publish Ace Double Paperbacks. The magazine was an interesting mix of detective characters and hard-boiled action. The Three Wise Corpses by Chester Brant. After Blaine, lone-wolf D.A., found that one corpse, he knew there'd be two more. For the Grim Reaper had left a slaughter souvenir that meant a triple token of doom. Curse of the Cloven Hoof by Paul Adams. When Stan Sheldon hit New Orleans, he found the city overshadowed by a grim specter that left hideous death in its wake. But Sheldon figured that ghosts couldn't kill-until he became the target of the phantom marauder. The five stories were originally published in the October, 1940 issue of Lone Wolf Detective magazine and is read by Joe Formichella.
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