Options Trading for Beginners: Investing Strategies You Need to Know to Generate Passive Income through Options Trading
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Are you looking to start trading options, but have no idea where to get started?
If your answer is ”yes”, then this book is the number-one guide to get you started.
While there are a hundred different ways to invest your money, there are very few ways to help reduce your downside risk. Options trading, if done right, can help hedge against bad stock performance. However, options trading is very confusing; with lots of methods, long definitions, and puzzling contracts. The media also tends to simplify the stock market by talking about stocks and bonds only. As a result, most people do not bother looking into options. Heck, a lot of people haven't even heard of options trading.
But, I assure you, options trading can be significantly profitable, and a great complement to your exisiting investment portfolio.
Here's what's included in this book:

How options differ from stocks
Five different brokerages to get you started investing in options
Why the ”strike price” is the a very important part of an options chain; and other common definitions
The one method used by options traders to generate passive income in a recession
Why a ”put” option is safer than a ”short” in a recession with several examples of a put option
The best indicator to determine if you are in a bear or bull market
Five advanced options strategies: straddles, strangles, call ratio backspread, put ratio backspread, and butterfly spread-long put butterfly
This book can be of great use to you, even if this is the first time you've heard of the term ”options trading” before.
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