The power of affirmations
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BOOKA Audiobooks presents ”The Power of Affirmations” audiobook, a self-help book which taps into the wonders of the mind. We are ”programed” to think that we can't change. This can cause negativity, apathy and even a state of depression. This new Booka production will guide you on how to think differently, be more positive, reaffirm your wishes and believe in yourself. Narrated in a positive, upbeat, easy-listening style by an acclaimed international voice actor, ”The Power of Affirmations” is the ultimate tool that can help you refocus your life completely and independently. Esta técnica cuenta con dos fases/capítulos. La primera es de preparación y concienciación. En la segunda, se realiza la hipnosis en sí, que reprograma tu subconsciente para liberarte del hábito de fumar. Siguiendo los pasos que te indicamos y trabajando bien, puedes conseguirlo. Puedes dejar de fumar.
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