The Quest of the Holy Grail
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12 stories from all over the world : Lovely Ilonka, Lucky Luck, The Hairy Man, Little Wildrose, Paperarelloo, The Gifts of the Magician, The Strong Prince, The Crab and the Monkey, The Cottager and his Cat, The Stone-Cutter, How The Wicked Tanuki Was Punished, The Colony of Cats, Clever Maria, The Magic Kettle. The imagery in fairy tales (such as personified animals, adults represented as giants and allegorical magic vegetables) allows the child to explore their fears in remote and symbolic terms. Fairy tales allow the reader to explore each virtue and path of action through the different characters' fates. The child decides their own personal stance after deliberating each consequence. Fairy tales provide answers to what the world is really like and the child's place within it.
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