Soothing Rain: Relaxing Rain Sounds for Deep Sleep, Meditation & Stress Relief
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In conjunction with many dedicated and visionary people from all over the world, we have spent the past 15 years working to bring sound healing and sound therapy into mainstream awareness. I couldn't be more excited about how all of this effort has paid off. All our sounds have been recorded in the highest audio quality to provide the best experience possible. - Dr. Laurence Goldman - ***** This audiobook creates natural white noise. Useful in relaxation, meditation or restoration of inner peace of mind. The pitter-patter and splashing of raindrops has a calming effect, probably because it takes us back to a time before we were born. We hear similar sounds in our mother's womb. The monotony and evenness of the rain relaxes and calms us so that we can sleep better. WHAT YOU GET: +++ six rain melodies (soft to heavy rain, thunder & rain, multiple raindrops small and large produce multitudes of audio frequencies); +++ recorded with state-of-the-art recording technology for unique audio quality in HD stereo; +++ perfect for falling asleep, for use in wellness and meditation areas, for radio/film/television, or as soft background sound; +++ two bonus tracks combining soothing rain sounds and dreamlike relaxation music. All recordings instantly provide considerable inner peace and can also be very helpful for those suffering from tinnitus or insomnia. Dr. Laurence Goldman is a passionate sound healing therapist. Since 2005, she has been creating wonderful audio books that touch, inspire, and change the lives of many people.
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