Travel words and phrases in Armenian
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Travel words and phrases in Armenian. 300 essential words and phrases and the 100 most common verbs. Armenian is the official language of the Republic of Armenia. The total number of speakers is estimated at over eight million, including just over three million in Armenia. How to learn a language differently ? Today, language learning is revolutionizing : you do not have to go to traditional language classes anymore. Our learning method : a selection of hundreds of phrases and essential words. You listen to them, you repeat them, and you speak. We rely on pronunciation, oral rehearsal, listening, combined with words, essential phrases, and a vocabulary list. 20% of the words are used 80% of the time. The end goal is to get a sufficient level in one language to be able to hold simple conversations, to be able to understand simple exchanges, deal with with everyday life and start exploring the new culture that opens up to you.
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