The Golden Triangle
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The Golden Triangle or The Return of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar by Maurice Leblanc is one of the greatest masterpieces of French literature. Brilliant and sparkling, this crime novel is a stunning portrait of internal psychological processes. Lupin is an enigmatic, preternatural criminal; an unstoppable thief who's planning defies any attempts at capture. This story takes place in 1915, WWI has just started, and Captain Belval is recovering from his wounds under the gentle care of Mother Coralie. In an action packed story that intermingles romance, evil, plotting, international intrigue, gold smuggling, several murders, Lupin, disguised as Don Luis Perenna, is more forceful and more invulnerable than ever.
The golden triangle is very entertaining, and it is one of the best Lupin's adventures ever.
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