Air Fryer Cookbook
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The air fryer gives you the opportunity of eating fried foods and staying healthy. The Air Fryer Cookbook goes beyond regular fried food recipes to providing you with creatively inspired baked, fried, steamed, grilled and roasted delicacies.
It reduces the use of excess oil while frying, the mess created by the use of excess oil, added fat and related health risk. In this book, you will learn to fry sumptuous recipes that you had previously abandoned due to health concerns, with very little quantity of cooking oils; therefore, ensuring safer eating and better health.
For easier access, each recipe has been grouped under the following subcategories: appetizers, breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, chicken recipes, fish recipes, beef recipes, pork and lamb recipes, desserts and much more.

In this Air Fryer Cookbook you will find recipes such as

Air Baked Eggs
Fish and Chips Air Fryer Recipes
Frittat Air Fryer Recipes 
Juicy Cheese Burger
Pizza Hut Bread Sticks
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