Keto Meal Prep
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Do you want to have rapid-healthy weight loss, to be sustained in ketosis, and to reach optimal mental and physical health? Meal prepping your keto meals and snacks is the key to effective and rewarding ketogenic diet. In this cookbook you will find:
•    28-Day Keto Meal Plan
•    100 Scrumptious Recipes 
•    A Practical Guide to Keto Meal Prepping 
•    Steps to Easy Meal Prepping
•    Keto-Friendly Foods and Foods to Avoid
•    Basic Equipment for Effective Meal Prepping 
The recipes in this book have been categorized into groups for easier access: Breakfast recipes, Lunch Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Desserts, nibbles and snacks, Salads, Appetizers, and Condiments. The Keto Meal Prep Book is an action-based cookbook that will set you on the path of quality keto dieting, general wellbeing and optimal living.
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