Vol. 5 of the most soothing white noise sounds, combined with binaural beats. The relaxing white noise soundscapes are great for helping you sleep, study or focus. Block out distractions and create a peaceful ambience with this six hours white noise audiobook. WHAT YOU GET: 1. Introduction (2 min.) 2. Deep Black Noise | Helps You Sleep, Study or Focus (60 min.) 3. Snow storm | Arctic Blizzard for Relaxation, Focus or Sleep (60 min.) 4. Powerful Pink Noise Sound | Relax, Unwind or Meditate (60 min.) 5. Study Power | Drops | Powerful Mind Hack for Stress Relief (60 min.) 6. Zen Garden | Peaceful Water Sounds for Relaxation | Natures Perfect White Noise (60 min.) 7. Homecoming | Calming Soundscape | Powerful Mind Hack for Stress Relief (60 min.) Listening to ”White Noise” instantly ensures considerable inner peace and can also have a very helpful effect on tinnitus. Can't wait for your audiobook to arrive? Download it now! ***** Audio sample contains excerpts from ALL tracks in this audio book. ****** ©℗ Copyright 2021 White Noise Laboratory ******
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