Richard Griffiths invites the listener to look closer at the history and the underlying reasons behind the main developments of European integration. He passionately presents a history that is richer and intellectually more satisfying than much of the elegiac literature on the European union that passes for history. A solid and humorous account on the making of the union.


College 1
H1. The First Supranational Community. The European Coal and Steel Community
H2. A Missed Chance. The European Defence Community

College 2
H3. The Creation of the European Economic Community. The Rome Treaties
H4. Reactive Nationalism? De Gaulle and Europe

College 3
H5. Reactive Nationalism? The British Membership Problem
H6. 1992. The Completion of the Internal Market

College 4
H7. The European union. Economic and Monetary union
H8. A Family of Twenty-five. EU Enlargement
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