Home to the Riverview Inn
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Divorced single-mom Daphne likes her life just the way it is. Her organic farm is booming. Her daughter is sassy and happy, she’s got two good friends in Delia and Alice at The Riverview, and yes, her mother is trying to convince her to get back in the dating pool—but Daphne is not interested. She’s done with drama. But when all the people she loves are affected by the bombshell that gets dropped at The Riverview Inn, she can’t help but get involved. The Mitchell brothers have been torn apart by the surprise arrival of Jonah, a brother they didn’t know they had—and a man Daphne feels an impossible attraction for. Jonah, she realizes, isn’t what he seems. But can she convince everyone at The Riverview Inn of that before everything they’ve all worked for is ruined?
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