Studying Scarlett - A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery, Episode 1 (Unabridged)
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Pray tell, are you addicted to Sherlock Holmes stories? Read the entire Canon? But you need MORE SHERLOCK? You came to the singularly correct place. Sixty new ”canonical” Sherlock Holmes stories; each one a tribute to one of the original stories in the Canon. Enjoy. STUDYING SCARLET. A strikingly beautiful mature woman from The South has come to London in search of her estranged husband. She makes contact with three of his associates and a few days later all three are dead, garroted by a shadowy group of anarchists. In need of help she enters 221B Baker Street and hires the world's greatest detective. She is accompanied by an elderly, not-petite African American woman who hires Holmes and lets him know who is in charge. A younger generation joins in the adventure. Like their parents, they are physically gorgeous, athletic, courageous, excellent horse riders, and, fortunately, strong swimmers. Together with Holmes and Watson, they ride madly across southern England trying to prevent a disastrous assassination and save the Empire. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy a new adventure that closely follows the narratives, characters, setting, and language of the Canon. Fans of Gone with the Wind will love this new parody/pastiche and the many tributes to the great saga of the antebellum age. Buy it now, read it, and enjoy your much-loved characters yet again.
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