A selection of enchanting stories by one of the world's best-loved children's authors, Enid Blyton. Ribby the Gnome has a very bad habit: he always borrows things and never brings them back! But when he takes a wizard's umbrella and doesn't return it, he's in for a horrible surprise. The umbrella is magic, and it is very angry! This collection contains the following stories: Winkle-Pip Walks Out Trit-Trot the Pony The Magic Walking-Stick The Snoozy Gnome The Three Strange Travellers The Secret Cave The Proud Little Dog The Little Bully The Six Little Motor-Cars The Unkind Children The Little Paper-Folk The Tiresome Poker The Enchanted Table The Boy Who Boasted The Disagreeable Monkey The Golden Enchanter The Wizard's Umbrella The Little Singing Kettle The Little Brown Duck The Pixie Who Killed the Moon Old Bufo the Toad The Boy Who Pulled Tails The Tales of Mr. Spectacles The Goblin's Pie Feefo Goes to Market Adventures of the Sailor Doll Clickety-Clack The Enchanted Bone Fiddle-De-Dee, the Foolish Brownie The Elephant and the Snail The Invisible Gnome Mr. Grumpygroo's Hat The Fairy and the Policeman The Little Red Squirrel The Little Walking House Sly-One's Puzzle Mr. Widdle on the Train Who Stole the Crown? ”Tell Me My Name!” Gooseberry Whiskers The Mean Old Man The Nice Juicy Carrot The Dandelion Clock King Bom's Ice-Cream The Cat, the Mouse and the Fox The Bed That Took a Walk The Brownie's Magic Dame Lucky's Umbrella He Wouldn't Take the Trouble Muddle's Mistake Silky and the Snail The Train That Went to Fairyland The Cat That Was Forgotten The Dog That Wanted a Home Freckles for a Thrush He's a Horrid Dog Hoppetty-Skip and Crawl-About The Lamb Without a Mother Mooo-ooo-ooo! Old Ugly, the Water-Grub (P) 2017 Hodder Children's Books
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