More Very Finnish Problems

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Audiobook: 25.4.2022

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How to survive life in Finland in even finer style
More Very Finnish Problems is a brand-new selection of essential insights into the highs and lows of fantastic Finland. Following on from the wildly successful 101 Very Finnish Problems, Joel Willans's hilarious new guide will help you live and love Finnish life to the max... even at minus 25 degrees. With this book at hand, you'll be able to swat aside everyday Finnish challenges as easily as if they were lazy mosquitos drunk on vodka-laced blood.
You'll learn how to cope with problems like these:
When your Midsummer fire is smaller than your neighbours
When your children are better skiers than you
When you only visit Estonia for booze
When you get stuck in a reindeer traffic jam
When it's so dark you don't know if you've overslept or underslept
When May Day is too cold and when it's too hot
When you drink alone at home in your underwear
When you're stuck at the summer cottage in the rain
When winter goes on and on and on and on and on and on
When people complain the sauna's too hot when it's not
When New Year's Eve is like an explosion at a fireworks factory
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