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3 Men in a Boat

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"Three Men in a Boat" follows the humorous misadventures of three friends - Jerome, George, and Harris - and their trusty dog, Montmorency, as they embark on a boating holiday on the River Thames. The story, a combination of travelogue and comic fiction, takes readers on a delightful journey filled with absurd incidents and hilarious anecdotes. Jerome K. Jerome's witty observations and satirical commentary on Victorian society, coupled with the camaraderie of the three friends, have made this timeless classic a beloved and enduring piece of humorous literature.
Jerome K. Jerome was a prolific British writer, humorist, and playwright, best known for his comic masterpiece "Three Men in a Boat," published in 1889. His witty and satirical style, coupled with a keen observation of human foibles, made him a popular literary figure of the Victorian era.