Okładka książki dla Archias the Exile-Hunter

Archias the Exile-Hunter

An Alexander's Legacy novella

Opis książki

An Archias the Exile-Hunter short story
Archias, struggling actor, quick on his feet and even faster with his words, is at the end of his luck. Having escaped to Rhosos, on the edge of Macedon's territory, to evade the threat of the debt collectors, he has been prevented from going any further by the arrival of Alexander the Great's mighty army. And with it, those very same debt collectors.

So when the chance is given to him to earn enough money to be rid of his pursuers forever, he has to take it. Even if it means risking life and limb by attempting the most crazy of rescues - to bring back a kidnapped boy from inside the camp of Darius, King of Kings of the crumbling Persian empire. A camp that is on the eve of battle... As Alexander's troops draw nearer, and Darius's cavalry begin their war-cry, can Archias save himself, the boy, and his fellow rescuers, before it's too late?