Okładka książki dla Cinderella


Opis książki

It has often been said that there are two basic stories that define the ethos of men and women. For men it is the myth of Superman, the ultra powerful male figure who saves the world against evil. For women it's the Cinderella, the story of a downtrodden young maiden who eventually overcomes the miseries surrounding her to be saved by the dashing, rich and powerful Prince. It is a story that lives in almost every culture around the world to this day.

As the story goes Cinderella is a young and beautiful young maiden who embodies the ideal values of good, piousness and ultimate virtue. The story starts with Cinderella living with her widowed father. The father remarries and when he suddenly dies Cinderella is left to be raised by her wicked and unjust step-mother, who dotes on her own two daughters. Cinderella is forced to do the chores and wait on the rest of the household, all the while maintaining her sweet composure.

One day a nearby prince invites all the women of the countryside to a grand ball at the palace to choose his wife, but the step-mother does not allow Cinderella to attend. While home alone and almost giving up all hope, Cinderella is visited by a fairy Godmother who temporarily transforms her into a vision of loveliness and transports her to the ball where she captivates the handsome prince. As the clock approaches midnight, she must rush home and in the process loses one of her glass slippers. After a lengthy search the Prince finds Cinderella, they marry and live happily ever after.

It is a theme about Good vs. Evil where Good is always rewarded after many tribulations. Everyone should read and listen to the story of Cinderella, if for no other reason than to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying values and perceptions that shape our modern world.