Okładka książki dla Concepts and paradigms in operative, strategic and social time management

Concepts and paradigms in operative, strategic and social time management

Opis książki

The subject of this book is a subject-specific business discussion on the paradigms of time management. The time itself is not tradable, not storable and also not purchasable to acquire. Time cannot be heard, smelled, tasted or felt. Nevertheless, it is omnipresent for all persons in companies as well as in private life.
This book deals with a special question for companies: the paradigms in time management. The term "paradigm" was chosen in order to express the fundamental, generally prevailing and no longer to be discussed opinion on predefined questions, here the temporal arrangement in enterprises. They reflect a generally accepted consensus on what solutions should be found for certain issues. In terms of time, the paradigm is that "acceleration" is the only direction underlying time management. It seems to be a kind of one-way street. In other words, ever faster means ever more successful or ever better.
Three special categories of time management and their respective paradigms are discussed in this book: The first category considers time as a measure of efficient operational business processes. So, time has an operative value. The second category regards time as an expression of sustainable competitive strategy and as an opportunity to take a unique position towards competitors. In other words, time has a strategic value. The third category considers time as a measure of the demarcation and characterization of societies. This time management of all people involved in a society does not pass our social developments by without a trace; on the contrary, it strongly shapes them. "Time" in the meaning of a modern spirit makes a clear mark on all of us. I.e., time has a social value.
Autor.Willi Darr