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Elephants on Acid

The most outrageous experiments from the history of science

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Discover a world of outrageous experiments with the Sunday Times top ten bestseller, Elephants on Acid. Guided by Alex Boese's engaging storytelling, unearth answers to questions that have tickled your curious mind – from the unusual to the hilariously absurd.

'Excellent accounts of some of the most important and interesting experiments in biology and psychology' – Simon Singh, author of The Code Book

A riveting look at historical experiments that challenge conventional thinking:

If left to their own devices, would babies instinctively choose a well-balanced diet?
- Discover the secret of how to sleep on planes
- Which really tastes better in a blind tasting - Coke or Pepsi?
- Would your dog run to fetch help if you fell down a disused mineshaft?
- What would happen if you gave an elephant the largest ever single dose of LSD?

Elephants on Acid humorously delves into these and more, delivering a unique blend of popular psychology and historical science – a fascinating insight into the bizarre world of scientific experiments.
Autor.Alex Boese
Lektor.Jared Zeus