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Enigma of the Dark

Opis książki

Three young women snatched from the streets. From their lives, friends, and family.

Two of them - Jane Louise Rimmer and Ciara Eilish Glennon - brutally slain.

The third, the youngest - Sarah Ellen Spiers - still missing, but presumed dead. Assumed murdered by the same man.

The hunt for their killer had already spanned two decades and three continents, confounding detectives who had never given up but had nothing to show for their endless years of searching.

But now, at just after 7am on December 22, 2016, all those hours, all those tears, all that fear had led to this entirely unremarkable front door in Kewdale, south-east of the city.

Behind it lived Bradley Robert Edwards - telecommunications technician, Little Athletics stalwart, computer buff, stepfather, husband, brother, son.

Could he be the enigma of the dark who had stalked Perth's western suburbs in the 1990s?

Could he be the man who had taken Sarah, and murdered Jane and Ciara?

Could he be the Claremont serial killer?
Autor.Tim Clarke
Lektor.Tim Clarke