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Gruff Ass in Love

Opis książki

She’s the maddening, ridiculously cute trespasser who sneaks onto my property to play with my rocks. He’s the grumpy, unbelievably handsome rancher who has the best rocks to study in the area. After months of resisting the urge, I finally haul her over my shoulder to escort her off my land. After months of being clueless, I finally notice that his land isn’t the only thing hard around me. She’s so damn responsive. He’s so brawny and burly. The next time she sneaks in, I’m ready for her. The next time I sneak in, he shocks the heck out of me. To be fair, the woman is utterly injury-prone. To be clear, the man has apparently lost his ever-loving mind. I just want her to stay safe and out of trouble. So…I cuff her to the bed…for a few hours, tops, while I take care of some things that can’t wait. And now, I’m kind of curious how she’s going to react. His constant alpha protectiveness is sweet—but seriously? I should be more outraged by this. Really, I should be. But…I’m kind of curious what’s going to happen next.