Okładka książki dla Harmony


A New Way of Looking at Our World

Opis książki

A blueprint for a more balanced, sustainable world by King Charles III. This compassionate and insightful book shines a light on our new monarch’s deep interest in the world around us. Long before the phrase climate change was a universal catchphrase, our new monarch, King Charles III was studying the impact of industrialization on the environment. In this fascinating cross-discipline work, he calls upon his years of research and explores the way in which mankind must work to restore the delicate balance with nature that we've lost in the centuries since the industrial revolution began.

In 'Harmony', His Majesty King Charles III discusses how areas as diverse as architecture, farming and medicine have each abandoned the classical balances with nature that existed in pre-industrial times. More than simply another treatise on global warming, 'Harmony' tells a story that presents a clear, thoughtful look at how our disassociation from nature has helped to in the greatest environmental crisis in the history of mankind.