Okładka książki dla Myth Circumnavigation

Myth Circumnavigation

A Goal in Life or a Dead End?

Opis książki

Peter Foerthmann has been the first port of call for bluewater sailors seeking advice in steering matters for decades. His unrivalled expertise - the product of a lifetime developing and manufacturing windvane self-steering systems and contemplating their every complexity - continues to draw enquiries from all over the world. Peter's practical knowledge is a treasure trove of valuable information, selected highlights of which are shared in these pages. This little book is concerned with the many and varied challenges lying in wait for ship and crew when the lines are cast off at last. It looks at the geographical and geopolitical factors to be considered and also touches on social cohesion in the crew: the highs and lows of bluewater voyaging can weld a crew together more strongly than ever but they can also do the opposite, for sailing has a power unique among sports to expose the truth and lay bare the soul.