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Speak Performance

How to be a confident, compelling and convincing speaker

Opis książki

You are about to speak...

You're terrified! Heart racing, hands wringing, stomach churning. You're not just speaking, but speaking in public.

You can't get out of it now. You've got to leave the safety of your chair, trek to the front, turn around and face your audience.

What to do, where to go, where is the emergency exit?

You are in safe hands.

You know your stuff, you have a powerful message to share.

With Ges as your guide you will rediscover your natural confidence. You will let go of your anxiety and engage your audience powerfully. Where you used to panic you will now persuade.

It's all about confidence.

Ges takes you through exercises that are practical and fun and which leave you with takeaways, tools and tips that you can use immediately.

Build your confidence as a speaker, build your audience's confidence in you and build your business.
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Lektor.Ges Ray