Okładka książki dla Sybil


Opis książki

"Sybil" addresses the social and political issues of the working class during the early Victorian era. The novel follows the story of Charles Egremont, a young aristocrat, and Sybil, a working-class girl. Through their intertwined lives, Disraeli explores the stark contrast between the privileged upper class and the impoverished working masses. He delves into themes of social reform, labor rights, and the need for empathy and understanding between different classes. Disraeli's novel not only reflects his own political ideals but also highlights the need for a more just and equitable society.
Benjamin Disraeli, an influential British politician and novelist, served twice as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. As an author, he explored political and social issues through novels like "Coningsby," "Sybil," and "Tancred." Disraeli's literary work reflected his political views and endeared him to readers for his insightful commentary on the Victorian society and politics.