Okładka książki dla Wicked Deal (unabridged)

Wicked Deal (unabridged)

Opis książki

You're in a bind, and the only person who can help you wants something in return-but he won't reveal what it is until later. Do you dare take the risk?

Paige is at a loss. She can't find any other way to describe her situation when her dance partner gets injured. How is she going to pass her final exam at the dance academy? It's not as if a man who knows all the relevant dances and pairs perfectly with her can just be found walking down the street. But when she visits her brother, Paige unexpectedly finds such a man. It turns out that Harper, her brother's best friend who she's always found imposing, could be her solution. But Harper, a wealthy and composed entrepreneur, demands something in return from Paige. The catch: she won't know what Harper wants until after she passes her dance exam. And once she finds out, she'll have to comply. Will Paige agree to the arrangement? What does Harper have in store for her?