Best of Intentions

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Nate Reynolds is everything I shouldn’t want. Aside from being my best friend’s older brother, he’s a cocky, smooth-talking, panty-dropping playboy of a cop. And yet, I’m helplessly drawn to him. His charm and good looks reduce me to a fumbling, mumbling teenaged version of myself, which pretty much guarantees that nothing will ever come of my silly crush. Until the night of my best friend’s wedding. Jenny Jones is the definition of innocence. She’s also my little sister’s best friend, making her completely off limits. She’s a forever kind of girl with hearts in her eyes, where I’ve always been more of a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. Until a night spent between the sheets with her has me questioning everything I thought I wanted.


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7 godz. 10 min.



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Dreamscape Media

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