Conception for Procurement Excellence

The performance profile and degree of digitalization of procurement

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The subject of this book is Procurement Excellence of procuring companies which is deemed a highly relevant topic out of two reasons.
Firstly, corporate procurement, respectively purchasing management has witnessed a significant boost of importance over the last years. Increased outsourcing of services to suppliers and, simultaneously, commissioning of international subcontractors, have heavily altered the responsibilities and job description of purchasers with regards to their contribution to the company's added value. Additionally, product developments along (global) supply chains are growing steadily.
On the other hand, digitalization displays future-oriented alternatives for corporate added value and hence provides fundamental opportunities and necessities to reach and sustain (global) competitiveness. Logically, these developments shape the quality of procurement and its processes to suppliers.
Only an excellent purchasing department can be an authentic success indicator within a company. This book focuses on the two pillars of Procurement Excellence. To do so, a conception for categorizing and controlling purchasing performances, and a conception for categorizing digitalization will be illustrated in order to make differentiated statements regarding Procurement Excellence. Its two related dimensions will be merged within a final overall statement regarding Procurement Excellence.



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