Deadly Code

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6 godz. 28 min.
Rhona MacLeod

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A horrifying discovery is made off the coast of Scotland's Isle of Skye in Deadly Code, the third novel in Lin Anderson's forensic crime series featuring Rhona MacLeod.

Following a grisly discovery made on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is sent over to investigate. It’s there she finds a decomposing foot, caught in a net by a local fisherman, and there are key questions which remain unanswered: Where is the rest of the body? Who was the dead man? And why does the Ministry of Defence want the discovery to be kept out of the media?

Returning to her island roots, Rhona soon becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that stretches far beyond the beautiful and remote Western Isles. For there are deadly international forces at play, controlled by powerful people who are willing to do anything to protect their interests and will silence anyone who threatens to expose them . . .

Deadly Code is the third book in the Rhona MacLeod series by Lin Anderson.




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6 godz. 28 min.



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