H. G. Wells: Collected Works

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Good Press Publishing presents to you this ultimate collection of novels, short stories and essays, by the visionary author, the "father of science fiction" - H. G. Wells:_x000D_ The Time Machine_x000D_ The Undying Fire_x000D_ The War in the Air_x000D_ The War of the Worlds_x000D_ The World Set Free_x000D_ A Modern Utopia_x000D_ When the Sleeper Wakes_x000D_ Ann Veronica_x000D_ Bealby_x000D_ In the Days of the Comet_x000D_ The Chronic Argonauts_x000D_ The First Men in the Moon_x000D_ The Invisible Man_x000D_ The Island of Dr Moreau_x000D_ The New Machiavelli_x000D_ The Passionate Friends_x000D_ The Prophetic Trilogy_x000D_ The Research Magnificent_x000D_ The Sea Lady_x000D_ The Secret Places of the Heart_x000D_ The Soul of a Bishop_x000D_ Tono-bungay_x000D_ Collections of Short Stories_x000D_ Short Stories:_x000D_ A Catastrophe_x000D_ A Deal in Ostriches_x000D_ A Dream of Armageddon_x000D_ A Slip Under the Microscope_x000D_ A Story of the Days to Come_x000D_ A Story of the Stone Age_x000D_ A Tale of the Twentieth Century_x000D_ A Talk with Gryllotalpa_x000D_ How Gabriel Became Thompson_x000D_ How Pingwill Was Routed_x000D_ In the Abyss_x000D_ Le Mari Terrible_x000D_ Miss Winchelsea's Heart_x000D_ Mr. Brisher's Treasure_x000D_ Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation_x000D_ Mr. Marshall's Doppelganger_x000D_ Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland_x000D_ My First Aeroplane_x000D_ Our Little Neighbour_x000D_ Perfect Gentleman on Wheels_x000D_ Pollock and the Porroh Man_x000D_ The Empire of the Ants_x000D_ The Flying Man_x000D_ The Grisly Folk_x000D_ The Inexperienced Ghost_x000D_ The Land Ironclads_x000D_ The Lord of the Dynamos_x000D_ The Loyalty of Esau Common_x000D_ The Magic Shop_x000D_ The Man Who Could Work Miracles_x000D_ The Man with a Nose_x000D_ The Moth_x000D_ The New Accelerator_x000D_ The New Faust_x000D_ The Obliterated Man_x000D_ The Pearl of Love_x000D_ The Presence by the Fire_x000D_ The Purple Pileus_x000D_ The Rajah's Treasure_x000D_ The Reconciliation_x000D_ The Red Room_x000D_ The Sea Raiders_x000D_ The Star_x000D_ The Stolen Body_x000D_ The Story of the Last Trump_x000D_ The Story of the Stone Age_x000D_ The Temptation of Harringay_x000D_ The Thing in No. 7_x000D_ The Thumbmark_x000D_ The Treasure in the Forest_x000D_ The Wild Asses of the Devil_x000D_ Through a Window_x000D_ Under the Knife_x000D_ Walcote_x000D_ Wayde's Essence_x000D_ Essays and Articles:_x000D_ A Short History of the World_x000D_ Floor Games_x000D_ Little Wars_x000D_ New Worlds for Old_x000D_ Russia in the Shadows_x000D_ The Misery of Boots_x000D_ The Outline of History_x000D_ Zoological Retrogression_x000D_ What Is Coming_x000D_ ...



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