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In 'Mystique of the Darkness: 100+ Gothic Classics,' readers are presented with a formidable compendium encapsulating the quintessential works of gothic literature. The anthology, curated by DigiCat, features a spectrum of narratives rich in atmospheric horror and romanticism. From the pioneering 'Castle of Otranto' to Stoker's seminal 'Dracula,' the collection traverses eerie landscapes and explores themes of the supernatural, the sublime, and the uncanny. Each text is a mosaic piece of the genre's evolution, reflecting its diverse roots and Gothic's influence across various literary movements. The anthology weaves a tapestry of stories that resonate with the gothic ethos, showcasing not only the renowned masterpieces but also the rare jewels that have influenced the genre's trajectory.

Charles Dickens, a literary icon, may seem an unexpected curator for this collection given his association with Victorian realism and social critique. However, Dickens had a profound connection to gothic sensibilities, evident in his own works' exploration of the macabre and the psychologically unsettling. The selection of stories in this anthological journey through the dark corridors of gothic fiction suggests a comprehensive understanding and appreciation on the part of Dickens, whose own narratives often flirted with gothic elements, reinforcing the interplay between societal norms and the transgressive allure of darkness.

'Mystique of the Darkness' is an essential volume for enthusiasts and scholars alike, offering a panoramic view of gothic storytelling. The compilation promises intrigue and terror for those brave enough to delve into its pages. It affords readers the pleasure of rediscovering classic haunts while providing a gateway to the lesser-known alcoves of gothic imagination. With its breadth and depth, this collection stands as a monument to the genre's enduring legacy, inviting a renaissance of interest and study in these timeless tales of shadow and substance.