Storm and the Wall

9 godz. 34 min.

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In a small town in Northwestern Vermont, Tom Woods has never really stood out in a crowd. In fact, his closest friend was his younger brother, Levi. It was no small wonder when a local doctor started a study for a drug that he claimed would cure his brother’s epilepsy, Tom was one of the first to sign up to help him. However, the study didn’t go as planned and Tom’s world is turned upside down as he discovers that a concussion isn’t the only thing he got during the experiment.
As Tom sets out to master his new abilities, he attracts the attention of a corrupt group of men that would do anything to get him to use his powers to advance their own greedy ambitions. When the idealistic teen refuses, the lines are drawn and Tom’s life will never be the same again.
Now forced to defend himself and the ones he loves, Tom joins forces with a small group of outcasts to fight against an overwhelming number of well trained, private ex-military soldiers. How far will he have to go? What will he have to be willing to do in order to finally be free of the group only known as The Wall?


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9 godz. 34 min.



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