The Complete Poetry of Emily Brontë

The Complete Poetry of Emily Brontë

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Emily Brontë is most famous for her novel Wuthering Heights, but she started with writing poetry, which was her greatest love until the end of her life. Her poems later found regard as poetic genius. Contents: Faith and Despondency Stars The Philosopher Remembrance A Death-Scene My Lady's Grave Anticipation The Prisoner Hope A Day Dream To Imagination How Clear She Shines Sympathy Plead for Me Self-Interrogation Death Stanzas to — Honour's Martyr Stanzas My Comforter The Old Stoic A Little While, a Little While The Bluebell Loud Without the Wind Was Roaring Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee The Night-Wind 'Aye—There It Is! It Wakes To-Night Love and Friendship The Elder's Rebuke The Wanderer From the Fold Warning and Reply Last Words The Lady to Her Guitar The Two Children The Visionary Encouragement Stanzas No Coward Soul Is Mine O God of heaven! ⁠Lord of Elbe, on Elbe hill Cold, clear, and blue the morning heaven Tell me, tell me, smiling child High waving heather 'neath stormy blasts bending The night of storms has past I saw thee, child, one summer day The battle had passed from the height Alone I sat; the summer day The night is darkening round me I'll come when thou art saddest I would have touched the heavenly key Now trust a heart that trusts in you Sleep brings no joy to me Strong I stand, though I have borne O Mother! I am not regretting Awake, awake! how loud the stormy morning O wander not so far away! Why do I hate that lone green dell? Gleneden's Dream It's over now; I've known it all ⁠This shall be thy lullaby 'Twas one of those dark, cloudy days Douglas Ride ⁠What rider up Gobeloin's glen ⁠Geraldine, the moon is shining Where were ye all? and where wert thou? Light up thy halls! 'Tis closing day O dream, where art thou now? How still, how happy! These are words The night was dark, yet winter breathed The Absent One… To the Bluebell The busy day has hurried by And now the house dog stretched once more Come hither, child; who gifted thee… Emily Brontë: Biography by Robinson

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