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In 'The Greatest Classics of Russian Literature in One Volume', readers are invited to explore the rich tapestry of Russian literary genius. This compendium offers an unparalleled glimpse into the soul of Russia through its novels, plays, short stories, and folk tales, all of which are meticulously presented within a historical framework that begins with 'The Rise of the Russian Empire'. The grand narratives of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, the subtle prose of Chekhov, and the startling revelations within Andreyev's own 'Satan's Diary' weave together to form a complex and insightful literary mosaic. The collection is not only remarkable for its content but also for showcasing the evolution of Russian literature, mirroring the tumultuous political, social, and philosophical shifts within the empire.
Leonid Andreyev, the compiler of this anthology and a prominent figure in Russian literature himself, brings his own unique perspective to this exhaustive volume. His profound understanding of the social and existential undercurrents that drove Russian authors to create these timeless works underlines the curation of this collection. Andreyev's own experiences, living through a period of considerable upheaval and change, doubtlessly influenced his selection, offering readers a lens both broad and deeply personal.
'The Greatest Classics of Russian Literature in One Volume' is an indispensable resource for both scholars and enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive guide through the labyrinth of Russian literary artistry. It beckons the discerning reader to delve into the depths of Dostoevskian psychological drama, to revel in the sweeping sagas of Tolstoy, to appreciate the nuance of Chekhov's character studies, and to confront the existential musings of Andreyev's narratives. This volume is not merely a collection of works; it is a journey across time and consciousness, essential for anyone seeking to understand the heart of Russian culture and the enduring power of its literature.


Aylmer MaudeLouise MaudeConstance GarnettClaud FieldThomas SeltzerJulius WestC. J. Hogarth



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