Opis książki

The Krypto Economy elaborates on the underlying dynamics of our digital era to better create a responsible technological future. Living in a world of exponential technological advancement, we have new construction kits to create and probe possible realities. Marshall McLuan once said that first we build the tools and then the tools build us. We are designed by what we have designed. To design a utopian rather than dystopian future, we took a closer look at the status and potentials of our technological tools.

Over a series of seven panel discussions — using some of the most analytical and imaginative minds — we experienced that today's digital instruments are our ultimate Kryptonite. Its benefits have the capacity to aid us exponentially. And yet, its destructive powers — mass surveillance, elimination of privacy, or virtual concentration of power — could push us down a terrifying path. With this book you can join the discourse and find the answers to the most fundamental questions to better navigate towards a responsible technological future.