Autobiography of a Greek Street Dog
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This is Gypsy's true life story written in her own words. Only a few weeks old, Gypsy was left in a box outside a petshop on the Greek island of Crete. Rescued by David, she spends her first year learning about beaches, olives and Reiki. David then decides to move to a tiny, almost uninhabited island. Gypsy goes with him. She learns to catch crabs and live on beans and fishheads! One year later, Gypsy hitch-hikes with David for 8 days to Germany. After settling in with Petra and her 2 cats, Gypsy decides to write her autobiography. Gypsy writes about her love for the 2 humans in her life, her experiences and adventures all with an unusual depth of feeling. Gypsy lived every second of her short life to the full.
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