Day trading is a type of trading where you hold open futures positions for a short period of time, less than a day.
If you are a beginner trader, this book will provide you with the essential understanding of where to start, how to get started, what to expect from trading and how you can develop your strategy based on your personal goals.
If you are a trader with some experience, this book will provide you with important concepts on the author's approach to futures trading, trading strategies, rules to follow and other considerations that every trader must consider in order to generate profitable trades.
Here’s a preview of the main concepts you’ll find in this audio guidebook:
What day trading is and what all investors should know about it
What you need to know to get started in the right way
Best tools and platforms that you need to become a professional
How to complete, step-by-step, a successful trade
Best proven techniques and tactics when it comes to trade intraday in the stock market, forex, cryptocurrencies, and futures
Best practical ways to use fundamental analysis and technical analysis to make decisions about how to work in day trading
And much much more...
So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your financial future, and buy this audiobook today!
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