Although fear fills ours world, it doesn’t have to fill our hearts. No one likes living in a world filled with fear and uncertainty, but God does some of His most important work during challenging times. In Fear Not, New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado provides comfort, encouragement, and truth by addressing six major topics related to fear.

Fear Not helps readers identify the fear they are facing and how God can help them. The top six fear related topics discussed are:

If You Are Afraid of FailureIf You Are Afraid of the UnknownIf You Are Afraid of Financial DifficultiesIf You Are Afraid of PeopleIf You Are Afraid of DeathIf You Are Afraid for the Welfare of a Loved One

With over 200 powerful Bible verses and teachings from America’s pastor, Max Lucado, this edition is great for men and women:

dealing with fear caused by anxiety and griefneeding a gift of encouragement to lift their spirits and recreate joyneeding a morale boost to rebuild confidence and live boldlylooking for a daily devotional or a meaningful resource to ease fear
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