Highlights Listen & Learn! Audio Studies are the perfect tools for educators, parents, and students. With full lessons that present key comprehension skills, an educational audiobook, and multiple-choice questions, these studies help listeners better understand elements such as plot, characterization, vocabulary, and other essential foundational skills. This Highlights Listen & Learn! Audio Study, intended for those in grade five, is based on the real-life events of the Spanish fleet commanded by Ferdinand Magellan in the early 1500s. It follows the adventures of Juan de Zubileta, a young boy who serves as a page aboard one of the ships. In addition to the story, this Audio Study provides a full lesson on the importance of setting in a story, the three most-utilized points of view, and features key vocabulary words. Highlights has always been an essential part of childhood, inspiring memorable experiences for generations of families. Highlights' Fun with a Purpose philosophy has helped children grow to become their best selves-curious, creative, caring, and confident. Listen & Learn! Audio Studies will entertain and engage young children while encouraging literacy, self-confidence, and joyful learning!
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