The S.O.U.R.C.E.
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The SOURCE is an inspiring, award-winning fable for ages 8-12. In the guise of a highly entertaining adventure, this action-packed educational tale uses charismatic marine animals and their human pals to introduce children to the importance of friendship, teamwork and protecting the environment. With powerful messages in a fun and exciting read, kids will come to understand; KIDS CAN make a difference.
The SOURCE has added something extra for its listener's enjoyment!
There's a PDF file with 68 pages of captivating illustrations and amazing facts to explore. It's listed right before the Opening file 001. Download and scroll through striking illustrations as you listen to The SOURCE

An ESCAPE . . . from Ocean World? You've got to be kidding! IMPOSSIBLE!
Supposedly an escape from Ocean World can never happen, but a group of injured and physically challenged marine mammals recuperating at the park wants to go home. Against all odds, with an outrageous plan and teamwork, they miraculously escape to freedom.
On a journey filled with danger, the escapees encounter a couple of adventurous children, a magnificent sea creature, and her unpredictable twin. This unlikely group of characters forms a unique family and ends up on a challenging mission with a vital message they must share with the world. But how? And who would listen to them anyway? After all. they're just kids. What do they know?
THE SOURCE is a 2021 Readers' Favorite International Book Award SILVER MEDAL WINNER in Children's Fable. It was also awarded the FIVE STARS seal for multiple Five-Star reviews for exceptional writing.
”An enchanting, inspiring adventure with powerful messages in a fun and exciting read, enjoyable for all ages.”
”Well plotted and beautifully told environmental tale filled with adventure that shines a powerful light on the importance of teamwork and friendship, and, most importantly, the courage to protect the life around us.”
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