Book cover for The Wiener Across the Way

The Wiener Across the Way

Description of book

What happens when the sunshiny pop princess and the grumpy football player discover there's more to this fake romance than inspiration for a new love song?

Kelsey Best is America's pop sweetheart, and anyone who says they don't like her music is a liar and needs to be punched in the nads. And I'll do it, too, because I'm the guy the NFL dubbed the meanest player in the league. It's great for my career on the field, but not so much for my reputation off it. So I'm shocked as hell when Kelsey's team sends my agent a wild idea—they want a showmance between us. She's looking to dodge the media frenzy after her breakup with Hollywood's latest heartthrob, and I apparently fit the bill as her perfect distraction. My agent is convinced this fake dating stunt is the key to fixing my image. But what happens when I fall for her? The whole world is going to hate me when we fake break up. But she's going to create a blank space in my heart, and I don't think I'm going to be able to shake it off. This plus-size curvy-girl romance features a burnt-cinnamon-roll hero with a mean protective streak and a baddie plus-size pop star on the verge of burn out. But a Bridgertons-meets-American-Football family you'll wish you were a part of will make sure they get their happy ever after.