101 Things You May Not Have Known About Liverpool
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Brief Description: Liverpool FC is one of England’s most popular football teams with an army of loyal supporters and a long and successful history but how much information have you picked up about the club through the years? If you are a fan of the Reds or would like to find out more about them 101 Things You Might Not Know About Liverpool will tell you everything you ever wanted to know. How many players have scored over 100 goals for Liverpool? What five companies have been the club’s kit sponsors? How many Liverpool players have captained England? The answers can all be found in this book together with lots more fascinating facts about Liverpool FC. This gem of a book will tell you about club records and history, famous players and managers, memorable wins, draws and losses and all those golden moments from Liverpool’s glorious past. This is a must-have book for Liverpool fans of all ages and anyone with an interest in English Premier League football.
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