50 Essential Classic Thriller Short Stories You Have To Read Before You Die, Vol.1: Philip K. Dick, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rafael Sabatini, O.Henry, Edgar Wallace... (Golden Deer Classics)
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CONTENTS: PHILIP K. DICK 1. Adjustment Team PHILIP K. DICK 2. The Crystal Crypt PHILIP K. DICK 3. The Golden Man PHILIP K. DICK 4. The Hanging Stranger WILKIE COLLINS 5. The Angler's Story Of The Lady Of Glenwith Grange RAFAEL SABATINI 6. The Fool's Love Story RAFAEL SABATINI 7. The Prize O.HENRY 8. The Phonograph and the Graft MAX PEMBERTON 9. A Miracle of Bells MAX PEMBERTON 10. The Risen Dead MAX PEMBERTON 11. The Wolf of Cismon MAX PEMBERTON 12. Treasure of White Creek 13. B. 24 EDGAR ALLAN POE 14. The Fall of the House of Usher EDGAR WALLACE 15. The Man Who Lived at Clapham EDGAR WALLACE 16. The Man Who Hated Amelia Jones EDGAR WALLACE 17. The Man Who Hated Earthworms EDGAR WALLACE 18. The Man Who Loved Music EDGAR WALLACE 19. The Man Who Was Acquitted EDGAR WALLACE 20. The Man Who Was Plucked EDGAR WALLACE 21. The Man Who Died Twice EDGAR WALLACE 22. The Man Who Would Not Speak HENRY C. ROWLAND 23. At the Break of the Monsoon HENRY C. ROWLAND 24. At the Last of the Ebb HENRY C. ROWLAND 25. Back Tracks HENRY C. ROWLAND 26. In the China Sea HENRY C. ROWLAND 27. In the Whaleboat HENRY C. ROWLAND 28. Jordan Knapp, Trader HENRY C. ROWLAND 29. Off Luzon HENRY C. ROWLAND 30. Rosenthal the Jew HENRY C. ROWLAND 31. The Merle HENRY C. ROWLAND 32. The Shears of Atropos HENRY C. ROWLAND 33. The Treasure Box HENRY C. ROWLAND 34. Two Gentlemen H.G. WELLS 35. The Treasure in the Forest H.G. WELLS 36. Through a Window E.NESBIT 37. John Charrington's Wedding ALEXANDER PUSHKIN 38. The Queen of Spades SAX ROHMER 39. The Zayat Kiss SAX ROHMER 40. Breath of Allah SAX ROHMER 41. Harun Pasha SAX ROHMER 42. In the Valley of the Sorceress SAX ROHMER 43. Lord of the Jackals SAX ROHMER 44. Lure of Souls SAX ROHMER 45. Omar of Ispahan SAX ROHMER 46. Pomegranate Flower SAX ROHMER 47. The Call of Siva SAX ROHMER 48. The Death-Ring of Sneferu SAX ROHMER 49. The Green Mist SAX ROHMER 50. The Lady of the Lattice
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