A Trail of Lies
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A teenage runaway. A mountain of secrets. This mistake might cost her everything.

A lie underpins Callister’s home life, one that accidentally spews free and taints everything it touches. It’s no surprise that it horrifies her enough to run, hoping to leave the devastation behind.

But the mountain is no place to hide, not for a vulnerable teenage girl.

Persuading a classmate to go with her, Calli leads him into a frightening trap which can’t be ignored. What happens in the bush should stay in the bush, but it won't. As the consequence of what they did wraps itself around the teenagers, they find themselves hunted. Calli realises all too late that the demons in her past have come full circle and they want payback.

A quote from the novel. “You hate too many things, Cal,” he sighed, brushing stray curls away from her face. “Your heart doesn’t have room for it all.”
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