This book is about how your beliefs and the emotions linked to those beliefs have the power to make you happy or miserable. It is about the tremendous power of these two factors in your life, how you obtained them, why you keep them and how to alter them. It is a self help book with practical suggestions on how, by conscious thinking linked to feelings and emotions, you can change your sub conscious thought patterns and emotions and release your self from 'loop tape' thinking, negative feelings and behaviours. About twenty years ago I became ill and it was four or five years before I felt totally well again. Looking back it was the worst time if my life. My problem was what is today classed as anxiety: a dreadful illness brought on, I believe, by stress, poor nutrition, grief and the type of hectic life-style we all tend to subject ourselves to in today's society. This helped me to understand and formulate a plan that is outlined in this book. By understanding how events in your life affect 'the inner you' and by re-assessing your beliefs and the emotions linked to those beliefs you will gain the power to release yourself from negative and destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour. The only thing we can be sure of is 'change'. By using 'change' constructively on your beliefs and your emotions you can restore your inner power, your 'Chi'. This will help you to put 'the power to be happy' within your own control.
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