Beyond The Mouth
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Why are ”holistic” dentists on the rise? Dawn Ewing, executive director of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, answers: ”The growth is definitely patient-driven”. The modern patient is increasingly health conscious. The readily available latest information in all spheres will soon cause patients to increasingly enquire and then entrust their healthcare, including dentistry, to establishments where these treatments and environments are practised, even if just partially.Today, the trend is looking toward natural alternatives when it comes to food, household products, health and wellness. It is therefore necessary for the dental industry to change with the passage of time. Holistic dentistry views the body and its well-being as a whole; this also includes oral health.The mouth does not exist in a state of isolation but forms an integral part of the entire body. In fact the mouth is a micro environment that mirrors the health of the total body.This book is meant mainly for dentists and dental medicine students and it is a helpful and informative guide about how to implement holistic and eco dentistry in the traditional day to day practice with some of the most efficient, safe and ethical elements along with the latest technology.
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